Residential landscaping is one of the most obvious and important enhancements you can make to your residential property.

Whether it’s for private homes or apartments, we have vast experience in hard and soft landscaping in Dubai. We add the so-called designers’ feel when installing their design.

Many landscaping companies now motivate the varieties in their plantings, water pollution, and use of plastic and we offer a free consultation for a successful installation. Many “natural” landscapes, designed for implementing green concept and ease of maintenance using fresh plants, are having high demand. These residential landscapes include wildflowers and woody habitats that invite birds and butterflies. The use of water elements in the garden such as the implementation of lakes or ponds in the middle to completely replicate a natural habitat is one area where we have a record of installations.

We know not only the interior of your dream home, but your surroundings also should be just like what you wanted them to look like. We respect the idea of our clients and our landscape designers will work closely with them to ensure complete satisfaction.

Being experts in delivering “natural” residential landscapes, our garden landscape designs are the most unique and innovative. Following installation, we ensure that all landscapes in our area of influence, whether mature or new, is maintained well throughout.

Our experience-driven quality and creativity have helped us become the front-runner in the residential landscape services companies in Dubai.

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