Outdoor Plants

Our collection has diverse so much since those good old days that now you can find a colorful variety of outdoor plants in Dubai including bedding plants, a perfect selection of flowers for hanging baskets and drought tolerant plants which will keep your residential or commercial garden in bloom every day of the year.

Here at Lucky Flowers, we offer you fresh, seasonal ideas that will bring life and color into your urban space throughout the shifting seasons as well as the guidance you need to get it started. Whether you’re looking for balcony plants, patio garden or window sills, you can assure a supreme range of low-maintenance plants that will bloom in your space. Our garden planner knows well how to design and set up the best outdoor plants and garden trees to change the mood of the environment.

Dubai balconies usually come in all sizes and shapes and whilst some are sufficiently sheltered. The majority of plants living at the Dubai climate need to be strong enough to withstand the extremes of shine, wind and unexpected rain. That’s why we provide varied collections that combine our plants that will offer color and greenery to your outdoor space throughout the months whilst being strong enough to withstand everything the Dubai climate has to bring at it!

If chosen well, patio plants have the ability to modify your garden into an urban spot to be enjoyed throughout the year. Here at Lucky Flowers, we’ve many different styles with a balance of low-maintenance plants that will bloom in the sunnier and shadier area of your garden.  Windowsills are a perfect and soothing place to break into urban gardening. Whether you have a spot for a window box or just a few plant pots, these ideas will help breathe fresh air, gifting color and greenery into your perfect space all year round.

Take a look at our outdoor plants and flowers for the garden and choose the ones which will fit perfectly into your outdoor today.