We have been working with numerous commercial building projects and have been appreciated on how these large projects have been finished to the restricted budget and narrow period. Our commercial landscaping section is able to propose ideas and design commercial buildings, full school playground in line with the constraints prevailing. If necessary we’ll value engineer costs and propose alternative materials to fit into the client’s budget.

The core point of our landscaping service is our experienced team who can generate excellent results within a varied range of landscaping activities including seeding and soil enhancement. We have the equipment all pumped up to provide you with any kind of landscaping needs including water elements, ground preparation and pathways. We can build a variety of designed fencing to suit individual needs. From wooden close boards to metal fencing, we have experts who can work to your exact imagination. We cover all aspects including pond implementation, aquatic planting, bird hubs and more. From our brand reputation built up with our commercial landscaping services, we have been chosen to take up a number of projects involving big names and brands.

Lucky Flowers has been delivering a full range of soft and hard landscaping to a varied set of clients. Our team aims to bring out project ideas to life with our in-house experts, delivering lighting’s and furniture, water elements, metal work and bespoke wooden structures.

From small areas of the business to large-scale commercial spaces our bunch of creative heads aims to provide the premium service in the on-time delivery of the projects at the affordable cost and to the perfect standard.

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